ß Through an Eye.
Through an Eye.

Brittany, 22.


The odd thing about life, is that we are all these floating soul things in a sea of disappointment and excitement, we fall into perpetual obsession with other floating soul things and expect them to live our lives and abide by our rules. Floating soul things. Floating soul things that die. We all have these little timers and perfectly orchestrated passings. We have names and numbers and times. And we are okay with that. We are okay with letting ourselves become completely dependent on something that has an expiration date. Possibly before our own expiration dates. I’m not okay with that. I’m really not.

I live in strangely normal if you’re trying to find me.




I need a boyfriend who looks like Evan Peters has the mental health of Tate Langdon, is ambitious like Kit Walker and loves like Kyle Spencer 

the mental health of Tate Langdon


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Frank Lloyd Wright (American, 1867-1959)
Broadacre City Project, 1934-35
Model in Four Sections Painted Wood, Cardboard, And Paper 152 x 152”(386.1x 386.1cm)